Farewell 2013

I can hardly believe that the Holiday Season has officially come and gone. With 2013 just behind us,  I'm feeling pretty retrospective today.  I've never been much for making lists of New Year's resolutions, but this year I found my self doing just that and I can't help but feel more excited for the coming year knowing I have a set of goals to tackle. I've realized one of the reasons I haven't been posting here regularly is because I have a hard time finding my voice when it comes to sharing on the Internet. Actively using social media is kind of a new thing for me...I really only hopped on the wagon when I started my business back in 2012....and I tend to (like so many) want to share my "best self".   My goal for this blog this year, is to do a little more sharing of the behind the scenes and more of the "real me" ;  The floral designer, the home decor lover, the cocktail enthusiast, the wife, the friend, the bulldog mom.....and if you read this little blog, I hope you find something here that means something to you too. Something inspiring, something pretty, something that makes you happy.


2013 was a really good year, hard, but rewarding.  My business has grown more than I could have imagined, My husband and I have made a home for our selves in a town we love, and despite growing busier, I feel like I have found a way for life to feel more simplified and fulfilling, and for that I am thankful.  Here's to a 2014 that is filled with Peace, Love, and Adventure.