Where it all Started

I absolutely love what I do. Since I was a little girl Ive had a serious love of nature, and flowers. My sister and I had a favorite game we used to play when we were children. We would go out back and hang out underneath our favorite tree, and pretend to concoct magical potions with flowers, berries, twigs and I'm sure a little mud. It wasn't until later in life that I realized I should be chasing that passion, after all I still thought flowers were pretty magical. My left brain had driven me through life; attending business school, working my way through college, and landing a great job in finance after graduation. Despite my relative professional success, years went by and I was unfulfilled.  It wasn't until family and friends planning DIY weddings began to ask me if I would help them with their flowers did it occur to me that my creative outlet could possibly be my career.  From that moment I began to teach my self as much as possible. I bought books, took classes, and started practicing every free chance I had.

It is scary to reinvent your self. It is scary to walk away from a stable career to chase a dream. But I think it would be even scarier to let your dreams slip through your fingertips. Scarier to wake up in 20 years and ask, what if? Luckily for me I had the support of my husband, family, and friends.  Less than two years ago this was just an idea,  and today I am the owner of a growing boutique business that I am so incredibly proud of, and sometimes it still surprises me.   The moral of this story?  YOLO, so get after your dreams now.

*Photo By Ruth Eileen Photography*