DIY: Fairy Tale Wreath

Our Fairytale wreaths are a cross between a floral arrangement and a pine holiday wreath, two of my favorite things this time of year. It's a pretty and whimsical touch that would be perfect for highlighting a cocktail menu or a cheery holiday note.  We're giving you all the DIY instructions below so you can whip one up for your own Holiday festivities!







DIY Fairy Tale Wreath:


  1. Wire Wreath Ring
  2. Dried Grape Vine
  3. Floral Wire
  4. Cedar Pine
  5. 2-3 Garden Roses


  1. Wrap Grape Vine around wire wreath frame, and secure with wire as you go, about every six inches.
  2. Take three sprigs of cedar and hold in a bundle. Secure this bundle at the bottom of your wreath facing outward using your wire. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  3. To attach flowers cut stem off, leaving about an inch so you can handle the bloom. Run a six inch length of wire through the base of the flower, then snip the remaining stem. You can now adhere the flower to your wreath by wrapping the wire around the desired spot. Repeat for your other blooms.
  4. Voila! You should have a decorative whimsical fairytale wreath to dress up your party!


DIY Kitchen Makeover

Renovation on a budget is all about prioritizing.   Since we put so much of our financial resources in to our new roof, new bathroom, and other general must-be-done repairs, our kitchen is the biggest temporary  DIY make over. Truth be told, I had NO hopes of resurrecting our kitchen.  It was awful and I wanted to tear every single thing out as soon as we could. But as everyone knows kitchens are crazy expensive. So we got out the paint, sanded and repainted every.single.surface and upgraded the little details.  

kitchen view 1


kitchen view 2


kitchen sink

I replaced all the knobs with decorative glass pulls from anthropologie and my husband installed a brand new light fixture from Ballard Designs along with a shiny new Moen faucet.  We embraced the quirks (like the missing doors) and I'm displaying all my white dishware. Hey, open shelving is country classic right?  There are still a few to-do's like removing the oversized wood stove, and doing something about those bright red counters - but for now, It's been a pretty welcome change.  Best of all - the elements we did upgrade, are all pieces we will be happy to see stay when we do get around to a full kitchen remodel.